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NanoSun2 double solar pipe with insulation

NanoSun2 solar bi-pipes are a complete solution of pre-insulated pipes for solar installations. The product is coated with a protective PVC layer with addition of titanium. This guarantees insensibility to harmful influence of UV rays, adverse weather conditions and birds.

Each solar bi-pipe is fitted with an electric cable connected to temperature sensor in the solar collector. The NanoSun2 cable is characterized by supreme heat-insulation properties among all the products available on the market. This is due to the application of Aspen aerogel mat.

The highest-quality Spaceloft Aerogel material guarantees permanent heat-insulation properties, regardless of the period and conditions of use. A significant advantage of the insulation used in the NanoSun2 solar bi-pipe is the fact that the material does not change its volume under the influence of temperature and it is resistant to compression. All this is possible with the use of an insulation layer which is multiple thinner in comparison with the traditional insulation materials.

The aerogel mat used in the process of production of the NanoSun2 pipe prevents the occurrence of thermal bridges during pipe bending. Through the use of a nylon thread wrapped around the insulation layer it is possible to cut pipes with comfort and precision and without fraying, with the use of standard tools available at each construction site.

It is worth emphasizing the modern pipe fixing system. It does not require any handles or clamps. All you need is studs and screws.

Available diameters: DN 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 mm.

Available pipe lengths: 10, 15, 20, 150 m + individual orders.

Available coat colors: black, gray, brick-red, red + individual orders.

Technical data:

Operating temperature range
Maximum temperature +200 °C
Minimum temperature - 200 °C
Thermal conductivity* λ = W/(m•K)
EN ISO 8497 standard at 40 °C = 0,014
at 60 °C = 0,016
at 100 °C = 0,018
at 150 °C = 0,023
Fire class
Protective coat: Euroclass B S1 D0
Insulation material: Euroclass C S1 D0
No adhesives
Resistance to UV radiation
ISO 4892/2 standard Perfect

* ASTM C177 test: thermal mass flow meter at hot surface: the indicated temperatures are the average for insulation materials.